Alle Tänze der Lüßliner sind ebenfalls in diesem Verzeichnis zu finden.

Tanz Musikinterpret Choreografie Links
2 Lane Highway “Me & My Girl” by Vince Gil Gary O’Reilly Paper
Video - V2- - V3
A Christmas Twist Si Cranstoun Younghue Yoon Paper
Aberdeen Aberdeen von Avi Kaplan Silvia Schill Paper
Video - Video 2
Adalaida Derek Ryan Gary O’Reilly Paper
After The Storm Calm After The Storm Tina Argyle Paper
von The Common Linnets Video - Video 2
All Katchi
All Night Long Katchi Kerry Maus Paper
Ofenbach & Nick Waterhouse Video 1
Video 2
All The King’s Horses Out Of Sight von Midland Alison Biggs & Paper
Peter Metelnick Video
American Kids Kenny Chesney Randy Pelletier Paper
Angelina Michael English Laura Sway & Rob Fowler Paper
Auf Nach Californio Santiano Fredenbecker LineDancer Paper
Authority Chancey Williams & The Younger Mario & Lilly Hollnsteiner Paper - Video3
Brothers Band Video1 - Video2
Baby Only You Whatever It Takes von Milow Silvia Schill Paper
Video- Video2 - Video3
Baby Ride Easy Carlene Carter Dynamite Dot Paper
Video1 Video2
Back In Love If We’re Not Back In Love By Monday Ole Jacobson & Nina K. Paper
By Monday von Ray Lynam Video
Back Together Back In My Life - Fly Project Robbie McGowan Hickie Paper
Barn Dance Whose bed have your boots been Dick Matteis & Geneva Paper
under? Shania Twain Owsley Video
Beautiful Day A Beautiful Day - Dave Sheriff Gaye Teather Paper
Beer For My Horses Beer For My Horses von Toby Keith Christine Bass Paper
Before Mr. Rock N Roll - Amy McDonald Els Ten Brink Paper
Marie, Marie - Olson Brothers Video1 Video2
Vinzero - Fredrick Kempe
Before The Devil If You’re Going Through Hell Alan G. Birchall Paper
von Rodney Atkins Video Video 2
Be In Love I Fell In Love von Carlene Carter Silvia Schill und Paper
Tobias Jentzsch Video
Best Day Ever Best Day Ever Amy Glass Video - Video 2
von Sly & The Family Stallone Paper
Billy’s Dance San Francisco The Olsen Brothers Pierre Mercier Paper
(Paartanz) und andere (s. Paper) Video1
Black Coffee Black Coffee von Lacy J. Dalton Helen O’Malley Paper
Video - Video 2
Blackpool By The See Dave Sheriff Gaye Teather Paper
Blue Train Blue Train(Of The Heartbreak Line) unbekannt Paper
von John D. Loudermilk Video1
Bonapartes Retreat von Glen Campbell Maddison Glover Paper
Bosa Nova Blame It On The Bossa Nova - Phil Dennington Paper
Jane McDonald Video
Bring Down The House Dean Brody Stéphane Cormier Paper
& Denis Henley Video1
Video2-V3 Agnes
Bring On The Good Times Lisa McHugh Gary O’Reilly Paper
& Maggie Gallagher Video
Canadian Stomp Any Man Of Mine von Shania Twain Unbekannt Paper
Video- Video 2
Cards On The Table I’ll Name the Dogs Maggie Gallagher Paper
von Blake Shelton Video1
Car ma Kansas Joe von Christa Fartek Carolyn Corbet & Paper
Mariajo Balsalobre Video
Cash back I Walk The Line (Revisited) Dave Fife Paper
von Rodney Crowell Video Video 2
Chattahoochee Alan Jackson unbekannt Paper
Chasing Down A Good Randy Houser Dan Albro Paper
Time Video - Video2 - Video3
Cherry Bomb von River Town Saints Rob Fowler Paper
Circle Twenty Indian Song - Two In One unbekannt Paper
(Kreistanz) Video - Video2
Closer Susan Ashton Mary Kelly Paper
Video - Video2
Coastin Lord Of The Dance von Tina & Ray Yeoman Paper
Ronan Hardiman Video
Codigo Código von George Strait Pat Stott Paper
Corazon Diamante Duele El Corazon von Enrique Iglesias Roy Verdonk, Maggie Paper
(Diamond Heart) (ft. Wisin) Gallagher & Gary O’Reilly Video
Coffee Day And Whisky Nights Coffee Days And Ivonne Verhagen Video
Whiskey Nights von Robynn Shayne Paper
Corn Corn von Blake Shelton Rob Fowler Paper
Corn Don’t grow Where Corn Don’t Grow Tina Argyle Paper
Travis Tritt Video
Cotton Eyed Joe Mixer Cotton Eyed Joe unbekannt Paper
(Paartanz) Rednex Video
Country In The City Lesley Kernochan Franky Markof Paper
Country Roads Hermes House Band Kate Sala Paper
Cowgirls I Wanna Be a Farmer French Cowgirls: Paper
von Sunny Cowgirls Séverine Fillion Video
Chrystel Durand Video2
Crazy Song What A Song Can Do von Lady A Séverine Fillion & Paper
Brayan Bogey Video
Cut A Rug Roll Back The Rug von Scooter Lee Jo Thompson Szymanski Paper
Suds in the bucket - Sarah Evans & Rita Thompson Video - Video 2
Video 3
Damn Drunk Ronnie Dunn Roy Hoeben Paper
Dance Lord Dance Lord of the Dance Claudia Arndt Video
Angelo Kelly & Family Paper
Dance Monkey Tones and I Alison Johnstone Paper
Day Of The Dead Wade Bowen Dan Albro Paper
Video 1 -Video 2
Desirable Everybody von Chris Janson Chrystal Durand Paper
Dig Your Heels Here’s To You & I Maddison Glover Paper
von The McClymonts Video1 - Video2
Disappearing Tail Gord Bamford Alison Biggs Paper
Lights & Peter Metelnick Video
Dixie Girl Johnathan East Séverine Fillion Paper
Video 1 - Video2
Dizzy Scooter Lee Jo Thompson Szymanski Paper
Doctor Doctor Bad Case Of Loving You Paper
von Robert Palmer Video - Video 2
Don’t Look Good Naked I Don’t Look Good Naked Any More Eddie Huffman Paper
von The Snake Oil Willie Band Video Video 2 Video 3
Down on your Uppers Derek Ryan Gary O’Reilly Paper
Drinking With Dolly Stephanie Quayle Séverine Fillion Paper
Electric Slide Achy Breaky Heart Ric Silver Paper
von Billy Ray Cyrus Video1 - Video2
Everybody Dance and When I’m Out Tonight Roger Neff Paper
Sing! Video
Ex’s And Oh’s Ex’s & Oh’s von Elle King Amy Glass Paper
Fall In Love Never Gonna Fall In Love Patricia E. Stott Paper
von Tim Redmond Video
Feel The Beat Ashleigh Dallas Chris Watson Paper
Fireflies Firefly von Derek Ryan Rudy Honing Paper
& Wesley F. Wessels Video
Flobie Slide Six Days On The Road-Sawyer Brown Flo Cook Paper
I’m Holdin’ On To Love (To Save My Life) von Shania Twain Video1
Big Bang Boogie von The Judds Video2
Friday At The Dance Michael English Rob Fowler & Laura Sway Paper
Galway Girl Sharon Shannon & Steve Earle Chris Hodgson Paper
Get It Right Hard Not to Love It Maddison Glover Paper
von Steve Moakler Video
Ghost Town Sam Outlaw Arnaud Marraffa Paper
Ghost Train Australia’s Tornados Kathy Hunyadi Paper
Girl With The Fishing Lisa McHugh Christina Yang Paper
Rod Video
Go Cat Go Please Mama Please von Go Cat Go Gaye Teather Paper
Going Back West Boney M Werner Hotz Paper
Video Video 2
Golden Wedding Ring Golden Ring (ft. Dierks Bentley) Séverine Fillion Paper
von Terri Clark Video
Gone West von Gone West Gary O’Reilly Paper
& Maggie Gallagher Video
Great Spirit Great Spirit (ft. Hilight Tribe) Sobrielo Philip Gene, Paper
von Armin van Buuren & Vini Vici Jo Kinser, John Kinser, Video
Jonas Dahlgren & Video2
Johanna Lodin
Groovy Love If Jesus Loves Me (ft.Rahmsed) Fred Whitehouse, Daniel Paper
von Saint Lanvain Trepat & Jonas Dahlgren Video
Gypsy Queen Chris Norman Hazel Pace Paper
Happy Anywhere Happy Anywhere (feat.Gwen Stefani) Dan Albro Paper
- Blake Shelton Video
Happy, Happy, Happy Soggy Bottom Summer - Dean Brody Mª Angeles Mateu Simon Paper
Hearts And Flowers Dave Sheriff Adrian Churm Paper
Highway 99 Paul Bailey Sandra Speck Paper
& Gaye Teather Video
Hillbilly Girl Lisa McHugh Andy McGrath Paper
Hold The Line Stuart Moyles Arnaud Marraffa Paper
Holly’s Church My Church von Maren Morris Mario & Lilly Paper
Hollnsteiner Video
Home On The Range I’m At Home On The Range Nicola Lafferty Paper
von Suzy Bogguss Video
Honey,I’m Good AB Andy Grammar Suzi Beau Paper
I’m bored I’m Bored (LD-Version) von Ole Jacobson & Nina K. Paper
Amber Lawrence Video - Video2
I’m On My Way Toora Loora Lay von Celtic Thunder Maggie Gallagher Paper
Video 1 -Video 2
Irish Stew Sham Rock Lois Lightfoot Paper
Islands In The Stream Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton Karen Jones Paper
No Matter von Jack Radics Video
Italiano Mamma Mia (He’s Italiano) von Rachael McEnaney-White, Paper
Elena ft Glance Shane McKeever & Niels B. Poulsen Video
I Will Follow Him von Peggy March Amy Yang Paper
Jamaica Me Cha Cha Almost Jamaica - Bellamy Brothers Jo Thompson Szymanski Paper
I Hope You Want Me Too - Mavericks Video
To Be With You von Mavericks Video2 - V3
Jamaica Me Cha Cha A Night Like This - Caro Emerald Paartanz Video
Jerusalema (EZ) Jerusalema (feat. Nomcebo) Colin Ghys Paper
von Master KG & Alison Johnstone Video Video2 64er
Joana Come Early Morning - Don Williams Xose Massotti Paper
Keep It Simple von James Baker Band Maggie Gallagher Paper
Lake Darbonne von Katie Knight David ‘Lizard’ Villelas Paper
Video1 - Video2
Lay Low Josh Turner Darren ‘Daz’ Bailey Paper
Legend Feeling Good von Ofenbach Robbie McGowan Hickie Paper
(ft. Alexandre Joseph) & Karl-Harry Winson Video
Let’s Chill Ice Cream Freeze von Miley Cyrus Vivienne Scott Paper
Lindy Shuffle le folklore américain – Sheila Serge Fournier Paper
I Need More Of You; Riding Alone Video1
Little Easy No One Needs to Know Ronald “RONNIE” Grabs Paper
von Shania Twain Video - Video2
Little Waggon Wheel Wagon Wheel - Nathan Carter Gaye Teather Paper
Locklin’s Bar Michael English Maggie Gallagher Paper
Lonely Drum Aaron Goodvin Darren Mitchell Paper
Lonely Girl von Brinley Addington Maddison Glover Paper
Video2 - Oerrel
Look What God Gave Her von Thomas Rhett Dan Albro Paper unter dem Video
Paartanz Video
Love Lock Count On Me von The Lovelocks Ole Jacobson Paper
feat. Nina K. Video- Video 2-Video 3
Loslappie Kurt Darren Val Cronin Paper
Love Flow Let Your Love Flow Niels Poulsen Paper
von The Bellamy Brothers Video
Lover Please Come Back Lover Please, Please Come Back Bobby Hooule Paper
Paartanz by Billy Swan Video
Love Takes Time Gord Bamford Séverine Fillion Paper
Madison Olds Moments in the Mountains Ole Jacobson ft. Nina K. Paper
von Madison Olds Video1 Video 3
aufgenommen in Munster
Makita Just One Time - Jamie O Neal Kate Sala & Paper
Robin McGowan Hickie Video
Mama Loo Video
Mama Maria von ABBA Frank Trace Paper
und andere Paper2 diagonal
Video2 mit Klatschen
Mary Mary Mary von The Zac Brown Band Darren ‘Daz’ Bailey Paper
Missing William Michael Morgan Heather Barton Paper
Mony Mony Dean Brothers Maggie Gallagher Paper
Mountains To The Sea von Mary Black ft. Imelda May Maggie Gallagher Paper
My Bestie Iko Iko (My Bestie) [feat. Small Jam] Colin Ghys & Paper
von Justin Wellington José Miguel Belloque Vane Video
My Pretty Belinda von Dr. Victor & The Rasta Rebels Vikki Morris Paper
Not Fair Lily Allen Gudrun Schneider Paper
Nothing But You Leaving Austin Darren Bailey Paper
Oh Suzannah Rednex Bill Larson Paper
& Chris Watson Video
Old and Grey Old and Grey von Derek Ryan Rob Fowler Paper
Overpass Graffiti von Ed Sheeran Alison Biggs Paper
& Peter Metelnick Video
Padday’s Choir Place In The Choir-Patrick Feeney Gary O’Reilly Paper
& Maggie Gallagher Video1
P3 Take It Or Break It Gabi Ibanez Paper
von Wilson Fairchild Video
Paradise George Ezra Marcus Zeckert Paper
Patsy Fagan Derek Ryan Francien Sittro Paper
Pick A Ball Pick A Bale Of Cotton unbekannt Paper
von John Littleton Video
Red Staggerwing Red Staggerwing von Mark Knopfler Geoff Langford Paper
& Emmylou Harris Video - Video2 2:30
Regenbogenfarben Kerstin Ott Dirk Leibing Paper
Rhumba & Roses Window Of Roses - Sister Wade Larry Bass Paper - Video 2 - Musik: Like A Rose - Something Stupid
Like a Rose Ashley Monroe Video - Video 3
Rindin’ Riding Alone von Rednex Dave Ingram Paper
Rio Patricia von Mestizzo, Diana Lowery Paper
Viene Mi Gente von Chica Video - Video 2 - V3
Rocket To The Sun What You’ve Done to Me Maddison Glover Paper
Samantha Jade Video
Rockland Trouble von Sam Outlaw Adriano Castagnoli Paper
Video Video2 Video3
Rock Mi Rock Mi von Voxxclub Debbie O’Hara bzw. Paper
We Will Rock You von Queen unbekannt Video
Rock Paper Scissors von Katzenjammer Maggie Gallagher Paper
Rose Garden Amsterdam - Axel Fischer Jo Thompson Szymanski Paper
Rose Garden - Scooter Lee Video1
Same Boat Same Boat von Zac Brown Band Rachael McEnaney Paper
Seven Seven Drunken Night Stefano Civa Paper
von Mike Denver Video
Shania’s Moment From This Moment On - Shania Twain Nathan Easey Paper
Everything I Ain’t von Sean Kenny Video1
There’s Your Trouble - Dixie Chicks Video2
Side By Side We Work It Out Joni Harms Paper
Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Something In The Water von Brooke Fraser Niels B. Poulsen Paper
Something You Love von Kiefer Sutherland Maggie Gallagher Paper
Southern Streamline von John Fogerty Mack Apaapa Paper
Splish Splash Splish Splash Scooter Lee Jo Thompson Szymanski Paper
(I Was Taking A Bath) Video1
Stilbaai-Charleston TechnoBand by Swing City Alison Dixon Paper
Stomp Down Take Down von Rayelle José Miguel Belloque Vane Paper
& Sebastiaan Holtland Video
Story Drake White Madison Glover Paper
Strait To The Bar Every Little Honky Tonk Bar Dan Albro Paper
von George Strait Video1
Sweet Caroline Neil Diamond Darren Bailey Paper
Sweet Sweet Smile Carpenters Fi Scott & Paper
Johnny Two-Step Video
Sylvia Sylvia’s Mother von Mike Denver Diana Dawson Paper
Tag On Too Strong To Break von Beccy Cole David ‘Lizard’ Villellas Paper
Tango With The Sheriff Cha Tango von Dave Sheriff Adrian Churm Paper
Video - Video 2
Tennessee Waltz Surprise Ireen Sheer Andy Chumbley Video
Thank You Gary Perkins & The Breeze Tina Argyle Paper
The Captain The Wellerman (Sea Shanty)von Joshua Talbot Paper
Nathan Evans, 220 KID & Billen Ted Video
The Final Test Feral Kev and General Leroy Marie Claude Gil Paper
von Jayne Denham Video
The Newfie Stomp Doin’ the Newfie Stomp Mike Hitchen Paper
von Roy Payne & Derek Pilgrim Video - Video
The Wanderer June Wilson Paper
& The Wheelbreakers Video - Video2
This And That Woman von Mark Chesnutt Gary Lafferty Paper
Three Teachers Head Over Heels Araceli Capitán, Paper
von The Washboard Union David Villellas & Montse Video1
‘Sweet’ Chafino Video2
Train Wreck Can’t Let Go von Jill King Niels Poulsen Video
Toes von Zac Brown Band Rachael McEnaney Paper
Video Video 2
Tush Push Chattahoochee von Alan Jackson Jim Ferrazzano Video- Video2
Born To Boogie Hank Williams Jr. & Kenneth Engel Paper
Under The Sun Tim Tim Kathy Chang & Sue Hsu Paper
Video - Video3
Video 2
Untamed Cam Alessandro Boer Paper
Wandering Hearts Wish I Could - Gary O’Reilly Paper
von The Wandering Hearts & Maggie Gallagher Video
Wanna Getcha Getcha von Matt Lang Séverine Fillion Paper
Video ab 2:10 Video2
We Went Randy Houser Kristina Kovatch Paper
Video2 4:30
What Happens Next Next Girl von Carly Pearce Julia Wetzel Paper
When You Smile von Rune Rudberg José Miguel Belloque Vane Paper
& Roy Verdonk Video
Where We’ve Been Remember When von Alan Jackson Lana Harvey Wilson Paper
Video - Video2
White Rose Toby Keith Gaye Teather Paper
Video Video 2
Whiskey’s Gone von The Zac Brown Band Rob Fowler Paper
Wintergreen Wintergreen von The East Pointers Maggie Gallagher Video - Video 2 - Video 3 A
Wishful Thinking Lovin’ All Night v.Rodney Crowell Jim O’Neill Paper
Shortenin’ Bread von Tractors Video - Video2
Woman Amen Woman, Amen von Dierks Bentley Rob Fowler Paper
Won’t Back Away von John Dahlback Darren Bailey, Fred Whitehouse, Paper
(ft. Nick & Simon) Daniel Trepat & Roy Verdonk Video
Wrapped Inside Tell Me I’m Wrong Amy Christian-Sohn Paper
Your Love von Justin Hines Video
Wrong Direction Ilse DeLange & Michael Schulte Gudrun Schneider Paper
Video - Video2
Ya Come Down Won’t Ya Come Down Teo Lattanzio Paper
Derek Ryan Video
You’re Only Young Once Derek Ryan Micaela Svensson Paper
Erlandsson Video
You Belong With Me Taylor Swift Maria hennings Hunt Paper